It's All About The Cheese!
It's All About The Cheese!


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This page is dedicated to the cheesy pickup lines that have been used on our house members. Believe it or not, all of these lines were actually used to try and pick up either one of our house members or close friends. Let this be a leeson that they were NOT successful.


Starboard - June 1st, 2003
Hi sweetheart, how are you? (lip pucker) Baby, here is my card, I am co-owner of a mortgage company....(lip pucker) you like to travel? I travel all over. Baby, I know all the finest restaurants in Philly. Do you like Seafood? Italian? What do you like? (lip pucker) Normally I am wearing a suit, but as you can see, I'm in my muscle t-shirt and jeans here. (lip pucker) Email me, sweetie, see it's (pointing to card): Cal Strong...see strong, like me (flexes and points to bicep). Now I can't lie, I'm seeing other people too, but I'm discrete. Yes, discrete (lip pucker)....make sure you email me. I am single, and I just travel all over. Do you like to travel? I travel the world. (lip pucker) Email me. (lip pucker)


Starboard - May 24th, 2003
Drunk dude: "Hey, wanna make out?"
Shannon: "Oh, thanks but I have a boyfriend."
Drunk dude: "Oh, OK wanna dry hump then?"
Shannon: "Ummm, not now but ummmm maybe later?"

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