Poems, Song Parodies and Miscellaneous Humor
The following poems and song parodies and miscellaneous humor were written by 5 Bayside house members.
Poems Song Parodies Humor
Ass Clown Gaack !!
January 2003 - Joel Kasow
Blender Man
July 2002 - Mr XXXX
The Top 18 Signs You've Hired an Ass Clown for Your Child's Party
January 2003 - Gaack
'Twas The Night Before New Years
December 2002 - Joel Kasow
'Twas The Night Before The Cow Party
September 2002 - Joel Kasow & Melanie Dixon
Grumble Bunny, Grumble Bunny
September 2002 - Joel Kasow & Melanie Dixon
Ode To 5 Bayside
May 2000 - Joel Kasow
Clarkie, Clarkie Little Lamb
Summer 2000 - Joel Kasow