Ass Clown Gaack !!
He joined in 2000
With a scowl and a frown.
But in three short years
He's become quite an ass clown.

He wiffed with the ladies
He never got chicks.
His next claim to fame
Was his 15,000 pics.

He works on his website
each day of the week.
He loves his computer
Can he be such a geek?

He tried to hook up
With members Kimber and Lexi.
With those same stupid shorts
He must think he's sexy.

We've seen him maul chicks
And grab lots of asses.
He pummeled a chick
Who dared touch his glasses.

All the girls hate him
Except for Lynn Cyrus.
He made love to his computer
And gave it a virus.

This rhyme may be harsh
We should give him some slack.
Can you guess who's this ass clown
Well its 5 Bayside Gaack!!
- Joel Kasow (Unknown Poet)