Ode to 5 Bayside Court
'Twas Memorial Day weekend,
and all thru the house,
There was WB Steve,
dressed only in a blouse.
Bruce and Steve were shinning their heads
while the Delaware girls were wrestling
over who gets beds.
There names are Karen,
Kristi and Lynnn
But you better be careful,
Who knows where they've been.

Uncle Ed is there,
with a butt and a beer,
giving a reach around,
but insisting he's not queer.

And then we have Mickey
beating up Matt,
while calling him bald,
and insisting he's fat.

And we have a Clean Joel
and we have Dirty Ed
and we even have Jimbo,
I thought he was dead.

And back for another
are Destiny and Mel
In search of a man
who wears pants
and doesn't smell

And now we have The Ulmer,
Small Paul and Todd Banks
Who are coming to drink
And drag home some skanks

And last but not least.
Jeff and Kristen from PA
I never met them before
I hope they're not GAY
- Joel Kasow