'Twas The Night Before The Cow Party
'Twas the night before the cow party
and all through the town
we all were a drinkin'
except gaack with a frown
his glasses were crooked
his hair was a mess
he was no where to be found
but we couldn't care less
with molly in her kerchief
and me with my nightcap
we had just settled down for a long drunken nap
but what before my wondering eyes would appear
but a little grumble bunny that I had not seen for a year
he didn't look happy,
no gleam in his eye
when we asked 'how you doing?'
he started to cry
"I hate all those chicks
they are all whores and all sluts
they never put out
I hate all their guts"
"I take all their pictures
and buy them all drinks
I cook them all dinner
this dating thing stinks"
So I am not going to talk
I am just going to sulk
I am reverting back a ways
to my pre-Dewey days!!
- Joel Kasow & Melanie Dixon