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We rant, therefore we are: launches the fourth season of it's hit comedy series with the first of 16 all-new editions. Hosted by one of Dewey's funniest and most acerbic comedians and shot live in Dewey, each edition of the Rant will be filled with house member's scathing perspective, typographical errors and mis-spellings. It's uncensored, unbridled--and pure 5Bayside.
The Story
Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but ..."

That's right, in the spirit of Dennis Miller's Rants, many of our members and friends have exploded into verbal tirades over e-amil. Usually the result of a fair amount of ribbing from others on the mail list, these 'rants' are downright nasty. Choose a 'rant' from the list below and click the 'GO' button to view it.
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