For the second year in a row, the 'If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking House' will also be known as the 'SURVIVOR House,'.

Each week the members of the house will vote for a member to be "kicked out" based on pathetic performance.

Examples of "pathetic" performance might be failing to "hook up" for extended periods of time, passing out early and missing the festivities, sneaking out early to go home, attending some lame-ass non-Dewey weekend event and/or performing some lame "cccccccccccc-block" maneuver that prevents a fellow housemate from hooking up.

Dirty Ed Gall Memorial Day

Satan June 1-3

Dave June 8-10

Lexie June 15-17

Mark June 22-24

Jimbo June 29-July 1

Red Wood July 3-8

Blender Alan July 13-15
Red Wood July 20-22

Red Spew July 27-29

Cookie Pus August 3-5

Homo Smackdown Wrestlers August 10-12

Sober Steve The Puppy Saver August 17-19

Uncle Ed August 24-26

Gaack !! Labor Day

Osama bin Laden September 11th


Coming Soon
Summer 2001 has come and gone. 5 Bayside has closed for the season and all losers have been named. Stay tuned throughout Summer 2002 as 5 Bayside once again open the Survivor Series polls !

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