Lexie After mauling nearly every man from the Taco Toss to Starboard closing after being denied the usual mauling by Gaack !! We voted Lexi "McMauler" McFassel off the island before she decided to maul the rest of the house.

  Lexie making out in the Starboard

Lexie making out at Taco Toss


The Vote
Week 4 was the closest race yet. There was a 4-way tie for the loser up until the final day of voting. Gaack !!, Bruce Knuckle and Stoolie are very thankful that the final vote was cast in their favor, thus naming Lexie the week 4 loser.

Bruce Knuckle 2 votes
2 votes
Filthy Dirty Ed 0 votes
0 votes
Gaack !! 2 votes
2 votes
Lil' Kim 0 votes
0 votes
Mrs Drunk Clark [Melanie] 1 vote
1 vote
Red Stoole [Joel] 2 votes
2 votes
Sexie Lexie 3 votes
3 votes
Total votes cast: 10