This weeks' survivor series "throw-away" is none other than the seldom-seen "No-Show Jimbo". Also a seasoned veteran, Jimbo has been doing the Dewey scene for a number of years. However on this, his inaugural weekend, he made some questionable, critical, and silly mistakes:

  1. On Friday night Jimbo got incoherently wrecked and, after regaling us (in strikingly familiar Uncle-Ed-esque prose) with stories from several years ago, he passed out face down on the carpet despite the fact that there were open beds upstairs.
  2. Jimbo's guest was wearing "Chick Repellent" cologne and soon several women in the Starboard were attesting to it's effectiveness.
  3. At some point Jim wound up on the Jolly Trolley headed NORTH from Dewey despite the fact that Uncle Ed wasn't even on this side of the bridge. Evidently, there was an accident involving the trolley and Jimbo was lucky to emerge unscathed; both from the trolley near-accident and the subsequent trip to Rehoboth.
  4. Jimbo was seen at the Starboard entering data & phone #'s into his PALM PILOT!!! This despite the fact that there were lots of women there, many who were willing to talk to almost any guy to get away from Jimbo's guest.
  5. Jimbo spent much of his allocated drinking time looking for his guest who disappeared for a stretch of a couple hours, much to the relief of beleaugered women throughout the Starboard.

So, for the face-down-in-the-carpet move, the "chick repellent" guest, the mysterious trip to Rehoboth, the Palm Pilot incident, repeating stories in a most Uncle-Ed like fashion, and wasting several hours of prime drinking time trying to keep track of his albatross, er, guest, Jimbo is this weeks' Survivor Series cast-off. Way to go Jimbo !!!

  Jimbo packing up for his trolley ride to Rehoboth


The Vote
Week 6 was another blow-out at the polls. What can be said ? The numbers speak for themselves. With 10 of 13 votes, Jimbo seems to have made and impression on just about everyone in the house.

Larissa 0 votes
0 votes
Sexie [Lexie] 0 votes
0 votes
Lil' Kim 1 vote
1 vote
Halene's Comet 1 vote
1 vote
Jimbo 10 votes
10 votes
Filthy Stinkin Dirty Ed 1 vote
1 vote
Mrs Drunk Clark [Melanie] 0 votes
0 votes
Blender King [Alan] 0 votes
0 votes
Mickey Dog 0 votes
0 votes
Total votes cast: 13