Red Wood

There are certain things at 5 Bayside that are expected. The sun will rise. There are 24 hours in the day. Doogie won't hook up. And perhaps the most sacred, there is always porn on the TV.

Can anyone imagine a weekend at 5 Bayside without our all hours porn? Would it be the same if Dave "The Wad" Holmes weren't up at 8 AM watching "Foreskin Gump" and "The XXX Files" on channel 57?

Well, surely enough, our worst nightmares were realized thanks to our Week 9 loser, none other than our fearless leader Red Stoole, who somehow managed to activate the parental block on our pirated porn. Thanks to Stoolie, we were stuck watching TV programs which had no naked women and no sex whatsoever.

  Channel 57 BEFORE Stoolie.

Channel 57 AFTER Stoolie.


The Vote
Joel nearly avoided his second losing week as Jimbo managed to drink himself into such a stupor that he passed out 3 times on the toilet, and once HALF in the toilet attempting to fish out Uncle p-ED-ophile's business cards.

Chanel 57 Blocker [Joel] 6 votes
6 votes
P-Whipped Bruce 0 votes
0 votes
Ed Gall Bladder 0 votes
0 votes
Creepy Guy Gaack !! 0 votes
0 votes
2-Sight Stand [Lexie] 0 votes
0 votes
Blender King [Alan] 0 votes
0 votes
Chef Pus-ar-dee [Russ] 0 votes
0 votes
Uncle p-Ed-ophile 0 votes
0 votes
Porcelin Throne Sleeper [Jimbo] 0 votes
4 votes
Brive By Halene 0 votes
0 votes
Total votes cast: 10