Red Wood

Yet again, Red Stoole is our Survivor Series LOSER for week 10, with perhaps his most impressive loss, er, victory of the season.

A truly remarkable performance, Joel started out Friday night by drinking his liver into oblivion, passing out fairly early in a bed already occupied by another MALE housemate, Jimbo. Later on, they were caught SPOONING in the bed by the rest of the housemates. The pictures, as they say, do not lie.

The following day, Joel was seen downing beers at 10 AM on Saturday morning, a sure sign of things to come. Already piss drunk by 2:00PM and still drinking everything in sight, Stoolie couldn't resist the urge to eat some of Gaack!!s delicious steak kabobs. Vomiting approximately 20 times over the next two days, Joel put the blame squarely on Iron Chef Gaack !! for his illness, blatantly ignoring the fact that he consumed no less than 30 alcoholic beverages in a 12 hour time frame.

Nearly comatose, he decided it was a good idea to head to the Cork Saturday evening for Jam Session. His first attempt got him as far as the electrical box in the front yard where he promptly passed out. His housemates, concerned ONLY for Stoolie's safety and not the amusement of the fellow Bayside Court residents, stuffed Stoolie's limp carcass inside the front door where he, yet again, passed out on the starirwell landing. Several hours later, Stoolied managed to rally enough to take a few "revenge" photos of our pet Mickey Dog who was suffering a similar fate. Stoolie them stumbled across the liquor store parking lot and to the Bottle and Cork where he managed to get himself kicked out before he even got in the door. Later, in an ill-fated attempt to walk the two blocks from home to the Starboard, Stoolie began his impression of Jesus Christ (despite the fact that he is Jewish), falling down 3 times on Route 1 nearly getting himself killed. Sure enough, the Dewey Beach Police paddy wagon was there to pick his sorry ass up off the road and give our fearless leader a ride home, where he managed to pass out yet again.

For spooning with Jimbo, drinking like it was going out of style, getting sick and blaming it on the Gaack! kabobs, and avoiding getting run over on Route 1 by hitching a ride in the Paddy Wagon, you Joel are our week 10 LOSER!!

  Stoolie's 'SPOONING' Jimbo.

Gaack !!'s kebobs.

An attempt to resuscitate Stoolie with more liquor.

Stoolie passed out in the stairwell.

Stoolie passed out on the electrical box out front of 5 Bayside.

Stoolie passed out on the living room floor.

Stoolie's injury from the paddy wagon incident on Highway 1.

Stoolie still refusing to eat.

Stoolie LIVES !!!!!.


The Vote
For the third time this season and the second week in a row, Stoolie is voted off by a staggering majority !!

Cow Patty Bruce 0 votes
0 votes
Satan [Jeff] 0 votes
0 votes
Red Spew [Joel] 9 votes
9 votes
Mrs Drunk Clark [Melanie] 0 votes
0 votes
Jell-O Shot Girl [Souza] 0 votes
0 votes
Iron Chef Gaack !! 0 votes
0 votes
Viagra Steve [Bernheisel] 0 votes
0 votes
Pukey Mickey Dog 2 votes
2 votes
Filthy Stinkin Dirty Ed [Gall] 1 vote
1 vote
Pari 0 votes
0 votes
Lil' Kim 0 votes
1 vote
Spooner [Jimbo] 0 votes
0 votes
Cookie Pus [Russ] 0 votes
0 votes
Uncle p-Ed-ophile 1 vote
1 vote
Larissa 0 votes
0 votes
Lexie McMauler 0 votes
0 votes
Blender King [Alan] 1 vote
1 vote
Buchantz [Dave] 0 votes
0 votes
Doogie 4 votes
4 votes
Total votes cast: 19