Homo Smackdown Wrestlers

"Not that there's anything wrong with it." (Jerry Seinfeld)

Early on Saturday evening, Doogie quipped (tongue in cheek) that "pro wrestling would be a lot more interesting if there was more at stake - like the winner got to fuck the other guy in the ass when the match was over. That way, you know at least ONE of the guys is fighting for REAL!" Little did he know that some members of the house would take this joke to heart.

Wrestling on the living room floor has long been a mainstay at 5 Bayside. Watching Joel get his ass kicked by virtually every house member has entertained us for years.

Wrestling in an attempt to injure or show up another house member is one thing. Wrestling in an attempt to rip off a male housemate's clothing is a completely different animal, one that was unleashed by our "5 Gayside 2001 Homo Smackdown" wrestlers - Gaack, Alan, Joel, Bruce, and Sousa.

Not only was the entire wrestling event in itself homosexual in nature, they were stupid enough to take pictures of themselves in the "act" - clothes being pulled off, bare asses, torn underwear - the proof is in the pictures. Despite Doogie's insistence that any photos that were taken during this bizarre homosexual ritual be permanently deleted and never shown to anyone, here they are for all the world to see on our website.

I guess this is the type of behavior that ensues after not hooking up all summer, but that is not a legitimate excuse at 5 Bayside for this type of behavior. For turning 5 Bayside into "5 Gayside" for yet another night, the Homo Smackdown wrestlers are our Week 12 LOSERS!

Better check your cornholes guys.

  Quite possibly the gayest thing to ever happen in Dewey.

They are getting FAR too much enjoyment out of this.

OK, DEFINITELY the gayest thing to ever happen in Dewey !!!


The Vote
Heterosexuality has given way to homosexuality. Men have gone home with rugburn from other men. It's a sad, pathetic day at 5 Bayside.

Red Splinter [Joel] 0 votes
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Ayatolah Kim-ahnee 0 votes
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Satan [Jeff] 0 votes
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P-Whipped Bruce 1 vote
1 vote
Ed Gall Bladder 0 votes
0 votes
Gaack !! [Todd] 0 votes
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Sexie, Flexie, I'm from Texie [Lexie] 0 votes
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Blender King [Alan] 0 votes
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I'm not an idiot Steve [Souza] 0 votes
0 votes
Toilet Sleeper [Jimbo] 0 votes
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Doogie Howser [Mark] 0 votes
0 votes
Homo Smackdown Wrestlers [Joel, Alan, Bruce, Steve Souza, Gaack !!] 11 votes
11 votes
Total votes cast: 12