Survivor is Back--Sick Steve Souza ?
June 3, 2002

Though Steve Souza bombarded us constantly with his countless promises of how the Summer of 2002 was "his summer to shine", the only thing shining was his head as he wandered aimlessly up and down the beaches of Dewey. Steve, to his credit, did manage to put a rather large dent in the 12 pack of Natural Lite he brought up by polishing off close to 1/2 of them over the course of the weekend. This unfortunately caused him to crumble early and flee the beach for a belated 40th birthday party for him in Baltimore consisting of ice cream, pin the tale on the donkey and a clown. Steve did manage to at least do a little 'recycling" at the Starboard with a little encouragement from an unnamed member. We now firmly believe the only reason Steve continues to be a half share is so that he is guaranteed to not get voted off for at least 8 weekends.

Steve's low sex drive for and agrression towards women this past weekend was partially due to his making love to all the living room furniture while tanning on the back deck. Instead of swilling liquor with his 5 Bayside housemates at the Starboard, Steve was heard uttering things like "I prefer the crease in this cushion to a vagina any day" as he lay, partially clad, in a face-down position on top of several sofa cushions.

In Steve's Own Words -
> Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 18:00:54 -0400
> From: Steve Souza
> Subject: Re: ?
> To: Joel Kasow
> Message-id:
> oh, i just got this. i'm at home today and so got
> to sleep in. i was
> drained all weekend, and so didn't even party like
> my normal rock-star
> self. i probably had about 10 beers friday and then
> only 3 or 4 both
> saturday and sunday night and went to bed pretty
> early and still felt like
> crap. i got home about 3:00 yesterday and just
> collapsed in bed for 3
> hours.