July 22nd, 2002

Week 10 had all the makings of a great house bonding weekend. It was to culminate with our members Guest Bartending at the Starboard. We all planned costumes and had roles to make it a success. With the stage set all we had to do was make it 'till Sunday and everything would work fine.

It's not that we have trouble believing tha tthe opposite sex finds Chuck attractive, but rather that we cannot believe what he does when he hooks up with one of them. The week before Chuck met Blonde Cindy and Brown Cindy and decided to invite them down this weekend for Guest Bartending. It seems that the Cindys changed their minds and elected to have Chuck drive them to Seacrets to see Mr Greengenes play. Instead of telling them how much fun we were going to have Guest Bartending (a once a year event) and convincing them to stay or paying their cab fare to Seacrets and telling them to "have fun", he crumbled and drove down to Ocean City for the night.

Needless to say we all had a great time and bonded as a house while rookie Chuck missed out on the whole affair. So for abandoning his entire house and driving 40 minutes each way for 2 hours of repeat beach cover band music AND for somehow scoring one of the Guest Bartending T-Shirts without even participating, YOU P-Whipped Chuck are voted off as the week #10 loser ! Way to go loverboy !