June 6, 2003
Every Summer there seems to be someone who's a little slow to get going. Intimidated by the returning member freak show ? Perhaps. Nervous about the concentration camp-like living conditions ? Possibly. Not quite picking up on all the inside humor ? Probably. Way back in 2000 it was 5Bayside's very own "Webmaster Gaack !!"....... Going to bed early, not drinking enough booze, going to all the wrong bars and generally not bonding enough with the house members earned Gaack!! the highly coveted VERY FIRST EVER Survivor Series trophy !!

Fast forward a couple of years and we have an all-new cast of rookies including Sara. Sara made her debut this weekend and seemed a little out of sync with the rest of the house members. As Russ learned the previous weekend there's nowhere but the Starboard, yet Sara insisted on going to the Cork Saturday night to see "the band"... who had just played earlier at Jam Session. Despite her friend Shannon's pleading to bond with the house members and "just go to the Starboard with everyone else" it seems Sara ran off on her own and went to the Cork solo.


It happened one seemingly normal weekend in Summer 2000 when Gaack!! decided to shed his shy exterior and join in one of the famous 5Bayside "AM Gold" parties. From that point on it was non-stop, 3-day booze benders, groping and fondling at the Starboard, calling into work on Mondays, etc etc. As Joel put it, "Gaack!! just SNAPPED". From a shy, introverted couch potato to a debaucherous booze jockey, Gaack!! seems to have found acceptance among the 5Bayside flock and continues to flourish in the Dewey lifestyle.


Let's hope so. Every year some rookies survive and others do not. Years past brought us the likes of Halene (2001), Larissa (2001), Amy (2002), Kimber (2002)... the list goes on. All, for one reason or another, could not hack 5Bayside life and have vanished into oblivion. Let's hope that Sara does not follow in their footsteps and is able to turn her act around to become a full-fledged member of the 5Bayside family. As for now, though, it's time to hand out the Survivor Series trophy. For not bonding with your new housemates and being a general "Grumble Bunny" you, Sara, are our week #2 Survivor Series Winner. Congrats !!