June 23rd, 2003
People react differently when put under pressure. Some rise up and fight back, some crumble and give in, and still others put on a phony facade in an attempt to make themselves appear larger than life. Unfortunately, though, making claims of greatness at 5Bayside will land you squarely under the ridicule spotlight for weeks to come, so you better be prepared to produce SOME semblance of "game". Such was the case with our rookie member Jorge during week 5. Jorge was obviously feeling a little uncomfortable about the heat he was taking from other house members concerning his "performance" so far this Summer. Early on in the season, Jorge promised to bring a new flavor of style and partying to 5Bayside and warned us that we might not be prepared for it. We watched with cautious optimism.


Last weekend before departing Jorge seemed to be ready to turn things around. We've all heard him make promises he couldn't keep before, but these new claims seemed to be coming from the heart. Claims such as "Yo, DOG, I'm bringin' my 'A-Game' with me next weekend" and "I'm bringin' on the PAIN next weekend" filled the room. Could it be true ? Could we possibly have more than we can handle on our hands ? Well, along came Saturday afternoon, the day of the annual "Pimp-n-Ho" party. 5Bayside did a family BBQ that afternoon which included, among other things, some large, juicy steaks. Jorge grabbed his 1lb T-bone off the plate with his hands and devoured it without any utensils. Wow, maybe the Paraguyan Playboy was for real !! Unfortunately the only pain Jorge dished out this weekend was to the steak he had for dinner.


It was readily apparent to the rest of the house members that Jorge's "A-game" was nothing special. From the weak shirt he wore out to the fact that the only action he got Saturday night was from his "bubble", Jorge quickly vaulted to the lead in this week's Survivor Series voting. So, for promising us a live goat and not coming through AND, more importantly, for promising your "A-game" and showing with your "C-game", you, Jorge, goat boy, man whore are the week (er, WEAK) 5 Survivor Series LOSER. Way to go !!.