July 1, 2003
It must be tough for a guy with an "A-game" as strong as Jorge's to come off a Survivor loss like he suffered in Week 5. Any mortal man would surely crumble into social anonymity instead of facing his peers for another round of abuse. Not 5Bayside's rookie of the week Jorge, though, he came down boasting about it being his 29th Birthday and how he was going to step it up another notch to celebrate. Far be it for the others in the house to let him down.


Did Jorge pull his usual early Sunday AM departure to return home to DC and celebrate a day that he feels should be a national holiday in Paraguay. No, Jorge decided to stay down Sunday and celebrate the beginning of the last year of his 20s with the 5Bayside Booze Hounds. The gang went to the Starboard Sunday night and the booze was flowing. Being Jorge's Birthday we thought it was appropriate for everyone to buy him a shot: Vodka, Jager, you name it Jorge pounded it. Then the trouble started. Gaack !! and Joel engaged in a somewhat playful wrestling match and accidently knocked over one of the garbage cans in the Starboard. Before anyone could say a word, one of the barbacks ran over and started yelling at Jorge as though he'd knocked it over. Unfortunately, instead of simply apologizing and brushing the incident off, Jorge decided to challenge his accuser. We managed to calm him down a little, but there came a point where enough was enough and Jorge decided it was time to head home.


How far do you think Jorge got: All the way home safely to 5Bayside ? To Mama Celeste Pizza ? WRONG !! Jorge only made it as far as the picnic table in front of the Starboard where he promptly decided to pass out. He awoke a few minutes later and performed an act that closely resembled making a snow angel, flapping his arms at his side and muttering incoherently under his breath. As far as we can determine it must be some Paraguyan ritual to summon one's lost "A-game". Fortunately the crack Starboard door staff was there to prevent "Boy Jorge" from causing bodily harm to himself ! Jorge was gently uprighted and sent on his merry way towards home. Gaack !! decided to follow a few hundred feet behind not only to make sure his pal got home OK, but also to photograph Jorge in his drunken stupor.


Jorge managed to stumble his way past Mama Celeste ( Click HERE to see the video ), but made the mistake of crossing paths with one of Dewey's finest law enforcement officers who, within a moment's notice, radioed for backup from the other two law enforcement professionals who were stationed down near the Bottle and Cork. Jorge never saw it coming and walked righ into his stalkers, literally. By the time Gaack !! arrived on the scene one of the officers was donning his "tactical gloves" for what was SURELY to end in a safe escort home for Jorge. Again, instead of reacting calmly and trying to difuse the situation, Jorge started arguing with the police claiming that they were harassing him. FORTUNATELY Gaack !! was there to step in. Luckily he was given custody of Jorge after assuring the police that it was the other house member's fault that Jorge was as drunk as he was, and the we intentionally got him this was because it was his Birthday. SO, goat boy, for STILL talking your A-game but bringing yout C-game, for drinking like a fish and acting like Mike Tyson, and for making "gravel angels" in front of the Starboard to prove your sobriety, YOU are the Week 6 Survivor Series Tournament Champion !!! Congrats !!!