July 7, 2003
July 4th weekend is a time when many people spend 10 or more days in Dewey. The week is spent relaxing on the beach, maybe making the annual trip to Seacrets in Ocean City, but most importantly just enjoying the nice weather and time off from work. At the onset of the long weekend it seemed Russ was ready to blow off any and all responsibility back home and join the other house members who were staying down all week. Russell arrived Wednesday night seemingly ready for a long weekend of boozing. He even went as far as getting a new job that only required him to work Monday through Thursday and he wasn't scheduled to start until AFTER the Independence Day weekend.


Upon Gaack's arrival on Thursday evening things were already off to a bad start for Russell. Our little 'Love Muscle", as Joel affectionately refers to him as, seemed a little grumpy. He was complaining from the get go about the job he'd just quit earlier in the week. On a positive note he seemed upbeat about the new job and did manage to drag himself out to the Starboard Thursday night, but just didn't seem himself. He didn't flash his "NOG" to anyone, didn't buy 12 rounds of shots for the rest of the house members and didn't have much to say to anyone.


Fast forward to 10PM Thursday evening. House member Brandy was summoned by Russell, upon her arrival, to move her car, which had Russell's truck blocked in, so he could LEAVE TO GO HOME !!! That's right, Russ left at 10PM Thursday evening to drive back to DC on a holiday weekend when he didn't have to be at work until the following Monday !! SO, for constantly flashing your "NOG", for wearing those RIDICULOUS blue booties everywhere AND for LEAVING on Thursday evening of a holiday weekend to go HOME, you, Russell, Mini ME, Love Muscle are the undisputed, undefeated Week 7 Survivor Series LOSER !!