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Our site gets about 300 hits per day during the Summer season and about 40 hits per day in the off season. Turn those clicks into exposure for your business with the 5 Bayside banner rotation program. We have plans starting at $3.00 !

Click [HERE] if you have any questions not answered by the product descriptions below.

Impressions Refill
If you've been notified that your banner is no longer in rotation, this is where you go to recharge your banner with additional impressions.
Basic Service
The basic banner rotation service requires that you provide a banner to us for rotation. Select the number of impressions that fit your budget.
Bronze Service
$10.00 USD
This is a basic service that offers banner rotation for businesses who don't already have an ad banner to send us. We will design and create a custom banner for you, all you have to do it purchase the number of impressions that fit your budget.
Silver Service
$25.00 USD
Silver service offers all the features of the Bronze service and adds a basic one-page text ad for your business hosted on our site.
Gold Service
$50.00 USD
Gold Service is our premier hosting option for your business. It offers all the features of the Silver Service and adds up to three deluxe ad pages that we will host on our site for you.